Round Counterflow Cooling Tower
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Compact Design
Cooling towers for economical model with round shape design thus eliminating special directional requirement and and unaffected by prevailing wind directions.

Non-Corrosive Fiberglass Material
Casing and basin are made from strong durable, UV resistant and corrosive resistant Fiberglass material.

Induced draft axial fan with adjustable pitch angles are driven by direct drive, V-belt drive system and gear reducer mechanism for different models.
Ayial Fan are made of plastic, F.R.P or aluminum alloy costing.

Water Distribution
A highly efficient rotating sprinkler head system with stand pipe distributes the hot water over the entire PVC filling surface.

The F.R.P designed drift eliminator to minimizes the water carry over when cooling tower operating.

Infill (PVC)
The infill is made of corrugated and ribbed design P.V.C laid in a ring form for easy replacement and maximize the air/water contact for best heat transfer efficiency.

Inlet Louver
P.V.C plastic mesh to prevent objects entering the water basin.

Splash Mat (Low Noise Model)
Special designed noise absorption splash mat to minimize the water dripping noise level in water basin for low noise model cooling tower.


R-275-560; L: 476-970; H1: 150

R: 655-840; L: 940-1188; H1:150-200

R: 880-1430; L: 880-1430; H1: 200-300; H2: 240-340

R: 1651-2337; L: 2335-3306; H1: 300; H2: 300-400

R: 1651-2337; L: 2335-3306; H1: 300; H2: 300-400

R1: 3240-3750; R2: 1800-2078; L: 2480-2870; H1/3: 300; H2: 400

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