Water-Cooled Screw Flooded Chiller
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Products Range
Wide range of products ranging from 75 to 540 RT is able to suite any size of installation and application needs.

High Efficiency
Special design for flooded chiller and from reputable compressors maker. The compressors come with a built in 2nd stage oil separator that greatly enhance the reliability of the compressor. When coupled with enhanced performance evaporator, the system is able to deliver high efficiency performance with reliability.

The system is controlled through PLC and user is able to monitor and change the system setting through user friendly touch screen panel. Connection to BMS through Ethernet, wired or wireless is possible through different type of gateways; Thus, providing the capability to monitor system operation and performance remotely.

Energy Saving
The system is equipped with multiple capacity staging screw compressors controlled by PLC through temperature and pressure transducers. It is able to precisely control the system to ensure close adherence of system capacity versus load. As a result, the system is able to save energy by performing efficiently and at the same time satisfy the load requirement.

Zero ODP
FWSF range of products offers R134a as one of its refrigerant as a commitment to reduce the emission of HCFC. Furthermore, the equipment are manufactured in a ISO14000 certified facility which complies to international standard for environmental management.


Single Compressor System

Twin Compressors System

Three Compressors System

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