Maintenance and repairing service in commercial & industrial HVAC related equipment including:
  • Chillers: Water Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled Chillers, Screw compressor chiller, Scroll compressor chiller, Centrifugal compressor chiller.
  • Cold Room: Cold Room Panel, Freezer System, Chiller System services, repair and parts replacement.
  • Cooling Towers: Round Type, Square Type, Cross Flow Type Cooling Tower. Repair and replacement for Infills, Basin, fan assembly, Valves and more.
  • Air Conditioning System: Air Handlers Units (AHU) I.e coils replacements, blower bearings and motors bearings repair and replacements, Fan Coil Units (FCU) such as Ducted Units, Cassette units, Wall Mount Units of all brands.
  • Motors and Pump Sets: Overhaul and replacement of Motors, Centrifigal Water Pump, Vertical Water Pump, End Suction Water Pump, Water Pump, mechanical seals, machining of parts, bearings and more.
Major system component services for all equipment by Identify reasons for any non-performance and to recommend the necessary corrective action for implementation and engaged for Periodic Plant Visit and preventive maintenance for your systems.

IPRO TRADING have the expert team of technicians who are highly proficient in their work and actively involved in office/high-rise building air conditioning projects, housing projects, food industries and some others manufacturing process cooling needs in all over Malaysia.
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